David Freed Artist

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Catalog of Work

---Prints and Poetry
drawings and monoprints

Cindy and Hazel
Saint Amanda
Study for Virginia Monument #I
Study for Virginia Monument #II
Ms. Tisserat with Miss Pollak
Art Student
Mother and Children #I
White Boy Blues
Two Men from Ohio
Mother and Children #II
Salty Dog
Summer in the East
Listening to Piazzola
Larry Levis
Penelope and Her Children
Talking About Larry
Artist and Angel
Nick's Correction
Remember Dad
Maria Montissori
Two Mothers In Conversation
Married 56 Years
Mid-Winter Day Dream
Young Mahler
Lennie K.
A Conversation With Calvin
The Photographer
Country Life
A Walk With T.J.
C'Ville Afternoon
A Canadian In Virginia
The Widow